Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Raw Experiment

This is what my kitchen counter looks like at home now; a cornucopia of delicious organic fruit. Barely even a weeks worth. I no longer shop in a "Super" store; most of my purchases are from Trader Joe's Whole Foods & Dave's.  Actually, Trader Joe's has very good organic produce at reasonable prices and has become my go to place for fruits and vegetables.

Green juice with feldsalat & pears.

So what is this raw vegan thing? Well I am still figuring it out, myself. Some of the Raw Foodies describe themselves in terms of percentages: 100% raw, 50% raw etc.  I am at about 75% raw, which means that most of my meals consist of raw fruits and vegetables in whole, blended or juice form. For dinner I still like to enjoy something cooked such as my legumes with rice. And the incessant baking that I do continues to go on, of course.

Pink beans made in the crockpot with jasmine rice.

Why eat raw? Everyone is different, I am certainly not an expert in any way....BUT, I feel can be testimony to the fact that I feel A-MAZ-ing when I eat this way. I have no aches or pains of any sort. I feel cleaner and lighter and... Let's talk about the scale for a moment: when I eat 100% raw the weight starts to come off without even trying. The conundrum I face at this moment is making the break from my grains and beans in cooked form. And I can not forget to mention my vices: the baked goods with their white flour, chocolate & sugar that hold me prisoner in a vat of denial and excuses. It would seem that feeling better and losing weight would make this a no brainer for me, wouldn't it?

Vegan fudge cake

Two books I have purchased to help me sort out what is best for my body are:

Mimi Kirk's "Live Raw"

and "The 80/10/10 Diet" by Dr. Douglas N. Graham.

Click Here to watch an awesome u-tube video about the addictive properties of chocolate, cheese, meat & sugar by Dr. Neal Barnard, PCRM

Some of my raw meals:
Bananas & berries

Blackberry & strawberry smoothie with chia seeds

Strawberry, banana & pineapple smoothie

Cucumber & tomato salad dressed with basil and lemon.


Raw tomato red pepper sauce with carrots, garlic & basil on zucchini swirls.

Packing up my breakfast & lunch for work.

Grapefruit & kumquat juice

Lunch salad with avocado, spinach, grapes, oranges & pea sprouts dressed with lime juice.