Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bean Chili

It might be 18 degrees outside, but in my kitchen things are heating up with this vegan bean chili.

This is a very easy dish to throw together, and it is as hearty and satisfying as it's beefy cousin. But without all the fat and grease, ewwww!

In a large pot, saute half a large diced onion and one chopped clove of elephant garlic in a few teaspoons of mongolian fire oil (or any spicy oil) until soft. Add one large can of diced tomatoes which have been blended smooth or use the canned petite diced tomatoes. Add a handful of finely chopped fresh cilantro. Season with salt, cayenne pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, celery salt, and paprika. Drain and rinse two cans of beans and add to the pot. Cook for 15 - 20 minutes to blend flavors. Done! Serve on rice or with chips.

The seasoning is totally up to you. I prefer to use my own mix of spices in lieu of using chili powder, because there is something in chili powder that I am allergic to, but I am not sure exactly what it is.

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