Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolution #1

On the eve of the new year, it is once again time for me to think about my resolutions. They usually revolve around diet and exercise, but this year I feel that they will involve fine tuning of the habits I have adopted.

Resolution # 1 : Eat more whole foods!

This should not be too difficult since I already enjoy fruits, vegetables and beans. Today I've made a bean and corn salad that can be eaten cold with chips or warmed up over rice

The recipe can be altered depending on what is in the cupboard or your taste preference in legumes.

2 cans of beans drained
1 can of corn drained
1/2 a red onion chopped
5-6 scallions chopped
A large handful of fresh cilantro chopped
The juice of one or two limes
A dash of hot sauce such as Cholula
A few tablespoons of EVOO
A few tablespoons of red wine vinegar
Salt to taste

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