Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Danger, Will Robinson!"

This morning I awoke with my throat very swollen which makes it very difficult to swallow and BREATHE!

This, Mr. Watson, tells me that I'm having a delayed allergic reaction to something I've eaten and now it's time to play detective and figure out what.

I am allergic to all nuts, sunflower and coconut. (Is that a nut?) The reactions vary from the instantaneous itchy mouth, swollen tongue and throat produced by sunflower products, to an asthmatic type of wheezing several hours later from nuts. The reaction can be very insidious ( I love that word) and not hit full force until after 3 or 4 days of eating the offending food. I have to think back this week and look at what I've eaten. I hope it's not the vegan chocolate chip cookies! WAH!!!!

I think eventually I will have to only eat things that I prepare myself with ingredients in their whole form, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

Today I will be very careful with what I consume. This morning I am having a smoothie consisting of fresh banana and frozen berries in my favorite Stewie glass. I try to always keep frozen organic berries in the freezer for these occasions!


  1. glad you are okay!?!?!?!? had to be scary!
    eat home! great idea.

  2. I'm fine! Not TOO scary. Been dealing with these reactions for years, so I know not to panic and I always have liquid benadryl & an epi pen in the house, just in case. I did not have to take either this time. I have to be more careful and ask more questions. There could have been sunflower oil in the salad dressing. Who knows....