Thursday, October 6, 2011

Vegan in public!

Can it be challenging to eat out when you're a vegan?

Nah! Just takes a little creativity and the assistance of your waitress & cook. Easier said than done, sometimes, I have to admit. Not because of the availability of vegan food options, but rather because of my mindset about not being difficult and fitting in with the rest of the dinner party. A friend said to me recently when she saw me eating something non-vegan, "So, you only eat vegan when it's convenient? Is that how it works?" I was definitely called on the carpet, the linoleum and the wood floor on that one. She was right. If I am making this choice to eat vegan for my health, then I have to commit to this choice and find ways to make it work for me all of the time.

With that being said, this was my veggie pizza sine (that's latin for "without") cheese from Dan's Place in West Greenwich, RI.

Even a steak house offers something vegan on the menu, such as a baked potato, plain. I like to douse that spud with salsa & eat it with a side salad for a light, but filling meal. Yum!

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