Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Science Experiment Dinner

If the photo looks like a pile of mush, it does so because it is a pile of mush! Well, actually on my plate is a version of vegan eggplant parm. I went out on a ledge with this one because I had never heard of some of the ingredients before and I had to go to Whole Foods just to find them.
It's a very healthy version of the dish because the eggplant is broiled initially, not fried, then baked with two sauces. A simple tomato sauce is made with onions, garlic & crushed tomatoes. The other sauce is a "cheese" concoction that is made in the blender. The broiled eggplant is layered with tomato sauce & cheese sauce in a casserole dish and baked for about 20 minutes.
I'm afraid to tell you what's in the cheese sauce! Tofu, nutritional yeast(a flavoring), tahini, soy milk...
The taste was actually quite good, despite the mushy texture. The cheese sauce, really tastes awesome and reminds me of a mornay sauce. I think next time, however, I'm going to experiment with using an egg substitute to coat the eggplant slices and then dredge them in whole wheat bread crumbs. I will FRY them!

Here's the link for the recipe. Just in case!

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